Increase errors on

Minor incident API (Pro)
2023-04-21 06:31 AM +08 · 3 hours, 55 minutes



We restored all availability on all endpoints after identifying specific sources targeting /coins/markets.
The customer success teams will be reaching out to affected accounts for clarification.

For feedback and other questions, please contact or reach out to your CoinGecko API account team.

April 21, 2023 · 10:24 AM +08

We are seeing recovery on the overall service beginning 23:56 UTC with some new security rules in place. We’ll gradually restore /coins/markets after some more changes

April 21, 2023 · 08:18 AM +08

We have applied additional cache controls and rate limits based on patterns on /coins/markets temporarily.

April 21, 2023 · 07:23 AM +08

We’re detecting a spike in traffic targeting /coins/markets.
We have scaled out the connections allocated in the backend and are analyzing traffic data to determine the request behavior

April 21, 2023 · 06:52 AM +08

We’re seeing increased errors on and are investigating

April 21, 2023 · 06:31 AM +08

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